Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Stinker-ness of Ty, Part 2

I have been having a serious problem with Ty over the last couple of weeks. It used to be that when I put him down for his nap, he would go right to sleep. Now, he will pull himself up on the side of his crib , walk to the window, and maul the blinds. No matter how many times I go into his room to put him back down, he continues to pull up and refuses to sleep. I have had to rock him in order for him to fall asleep. I HATE that we are getting into such a bad habit, but I don't know what else to do.
The stinker avoiding his nap

A couple of days ago, I left Ty in his bedroom for literally not more than 3 minutes while I went to the bathroom. When I came back, I found him with his favorite book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. There was a hole bitten out of the first page! I did the finger swipe of his mouth, but, alas, it was already gone! I shudder to think how much paper my child has ingested in ten months.
Can you see the bite mark? Right there on the L.

So, I am doing my best to maintain my sanity as my child continues to get into EVERYTHING! I keep reminding myself that this is normal, that he is just curious, and that it won't be this way forever. Still, some moments are more trying than others!


The Marchants said...

It's good to see you're back online and blogging again! I wish I could give you some advice, but seeing as though my children are such angels and wouldn't think of getting into things...oh wait. That's the story of my life. It will get better, I just don't know when and my oldest is 5! Aaron is always getting into things. If it's quiet for longer than 3 minutes, it's a good bet that he's up to something. Sometimes I do lose my sanity.

Kim said...

haha today was a rough one for me too...I don't know if it gets better I just think we get sharper on our toes!

Tami Rasmussen said...

Your son will not let me leave him alone in a room to play by himself. He always has to have someone around...a little social bug I suppose.