Friday, January 11, 2008

A Kaiser Christmas

We had to wait until a few days after Christmas to exchange gifts with Meggin's siblings, because Josh and Carly were gone on a cruise over Christmas. This was the gift of the day: a luchador mask from Mexico from Josh to Adam. It looked good--REALLY good.


Nate and Jessica said...

Hooray for Meggin's blog! I love it. I will be checking in often Seag!

zach said...


Shannon said...

Hi Meggin! This is Shannon Holmoe Packard. I came across your blog and was SOOO excited to find out that you live in Colorado. Robby and I are moving there in May. He is going to go to the University of Denver to do a one year tax program. We are flying out to look at apartments in March. Are you guys in an apartment right now? If so, where do you live? Oh...I just have so many questions for you. Email me at It will be fun to know someone in CO!! Can't wait to talk to you!